Employment Philosophy

Talent is the key to an enterprise's development. The company always upholds the management concept of "talent is the first productive force". In the turbulent market environment, it needs pulp and paper, mechanical design, mechatronics, automation, environmental engineering, packaging engineering, logistics management, marketing management, The continuous introduction of human resources management, financial management and other related professionals can ensure the vitality of the company.

Since the establishment of the company, the company has actively built a platform and environment suitable for employees to work, study and live.

01Improve the construction of talent management system and promote the progress and growth of employees.

Establish "five channels" for employee career development: management channels, technical channels, administrative channels, business channels, and technician channels. Employees can achieve job promotion and conversion within the career channel through job competition, transfer, and rotation.

02Establish a "three divisions" management system to guide and cultivate new employees in all directions.

The company arranges three masters for all new employees. The first is a professional teacher who is mainly responsible for the professional training of new employees; the second is a practical teacher who is mainly responsible for the practical training of new employees; the third is a life teacher who is mainly responsible for the life, learning and care of new employees Guide work.

03Enrich employees' spare time activities and create a happy working atmosphere.

From a comprehensive perspective, the company formulates an annual corporate cultural activity plan, launches a series of party, league, union, and women's federation activities, speech contests, annual talent symposiums, sports games, skill games, new college students welcome new events, and the introduction of talent collective Weddings, group birthdays, etc.

04Improve logistics support and create a heart-warming living environment.

The company's staff apartments include: double rooms, single apartments, two rooms and one hall, three rooms and one hall. There are also basketball courts, tennis courts, table tennis room, gym, library and other activities in the staff living area.

Jingxing sincerely invites people of insight to join us, let us build our century-old Jingxing together.