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2011.01.Jingxing Paper became the first batch of "resource-saving and environment-friendly" pilot enterprises in the country; in September of the same year, it obtained the provincial "high-tech enterprise" certificate.
2012.09.Jingxing Paper has started construction of an annual production of 68,000 tons of high-grade green environmental protection tissue paper.
2013.06.Jingxing Paper was appraised as the "Outstanding Private Enterprise of the 30th Anniversary of Jiaxing's Withdrawal of Land and City" by Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

Jingxing Paper won the "2013 Jiaxing Mayor Quality Award".

03.Jingxing Paper has obtained two certificates of invention: "a method for manufacturing cardboard paper" and "a method for deinking waste paper".

05.Jingxing Paper's PM16 (5650mm trifold screen paper machine) high-strength corrugated base paper project installation and launch ceremony officially began.
2016.11.The 10th anniversary of Jingxing Paper's listing and the launch of "Pin Xuan" tissue paper products were successfully held.
2017.04.The company's own brand "Pin Xuan" Tmall flagship store officially opened, marking an important step in the online and offline dual channel sales of "Pin Xuan" tissue.

The post-doctoral workstation of Jingxing Paper was successfully established.
2018.05.Jingxing Paper Ni Yonghao (Academician of Canadian Engineering) academician expert workstation was identified as one of the ninth batch of Jiaxing academician expert workstation.
2019.11.The signing ceremony of investment and cooperation between King Hing Holdings (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. and Malaysia Golden Lion Group was held at King Hing Paper, sounding the clarion call for overseas expansion.
2019.12.The project of Jingxing Holdings (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 1.4 million tons of high-end recycled pulp and industrial packaging papers was held in the Golden Lion Industrial Park in Malaysia.